About us

Our company develops new connections as well as supports and develops a network of online shops on almost all leading platforms in the world. Distribution takes place in many countries on different trading platforms. Many years of experience and increasing sales volumes (and thus our ambitions) regularly asked the question of a technology search with which we can reliably and stably maximize market coverage and discover new perspectives for ourselves. In search of ambitious plans to develop new global retail spaces, our company has increased its IT staff significantly. Their task was to develop a product with which they could work holistically with the interfaces of popular trading platforms on the basis of a single database such as Plentymarkets.

As a result, we have developed such a software product for both internal and external use.

We are sure that many will be interested in such a universal mechanism, so we are delighted to introduce our hub to the public. We hope you will be satisfied!

The uniqueness of certain settings with which you can put your products online completely, efficiently and, above all, quickly and qualitatively, is an argument that is difficult to contradict.

Below is a brief and schematic overview of the process of using such a plugin.