Knowledge base
ManoMano. Instructions for use:

1. ManoMano follows the high standards for the placement of the featured products and enables the dealers who provide the detailed information about their business and their products to perform the operations on its resource. So that you can start selling on ManoMano, go to the link . Submit a seller status request by completing an application form and providing the required information.

There are corresponding contact emails for different countries:

2. Buy a subscription for our plugin and install it on your system by simply following the instructions.

3. Configure an additional API user and enter the login password to access the API in the plugin. This is necessary so that our plugin can manage your goods on ManoMano and transfer order information to your system.

4. Configure the end node for ManoMano on your system, e.g. "".

5. Wait for the plugin to process and synchronize information about your products.

6. Go to ManoMano (System => Marketplace => ManoMano), select the desired business from the list, enter the login information for your business in Manomano and continue with the configuration of the plugin.

7. You can configure the product names and their descriptions in the plugin settings. In addition, you can easily set the delivery and order processing parameters directly in the plugin.

8. After the properties have been configured, click on Update Feed-file and wait until the processing of the product list has been completed.

9. Click Copy Link and open this link in a browser. When you are sure that your list of products meets your needs, send it to the ManoMano manager.

10. If all the steps are taken correctly, you can start selling on ManoMano.