Product configuration

We offer our clients a range of additional services:

1. Processing and editing of product images.

High-quality images on your page make your website more attractive for visitors and potential buyers. We will do all the hard work to make your goods saleable:

  • Compliance with geometric dimensions;
  • Colour correction of the photos (if necessary);
  • Retouching, removal of “image noise” (if necessary);
  • Removal of the background or of background elements, positioning of an object on a white background.
2. Product description.

We have a lot of experience writing texts for online shops and know that a precise and correct description is the best way to present a product‘s features and characteristics. At the same time it is always important to take the requirements of SEO optimization into account. You can rely on us to do this and save yourself some time. You will be pleased with the result.

3. Product maintenance.

We can take on the boring and uninteresting task of maintaining the product database. As our client you profit doubly beause you have high-quality content and a well-functioning catalogue of goods. Whilst we‘re doing this you can be working in a more creative and productive way on developing your business.

Should you have questions, please contact us. We are happy to discuss multiple possible solutions to any problem. We really do stay in touch!

Product maintenance
Quality management of the product maintenance.

In addition to reviewing the running processes for each account / access point, our product enables the collection of statistical data and quality evaluation of the product maintenance. This (system) information gives the client a comprehensive overview of the current state of his products. This function is especially important for clients with a high volume of articles to be uploaded as it is no longer possible to analyse each of these individually.

This information, however, also gives clients a basis on which to make decisions about whether corrections to product groups and their features should be made by the client himself, or whether these should be carried out by us.

Do you need help? Contact us, we are always there for you!

Translation of texts

Our staff members have extensive sales experience with all major electronic trading platforms in many countries. We know exactly how important it is to present products in a competent, comprehensive and correct way for potential international customers. We therefore offer the services of our team of native specialist translators, so that our clients can have high-quality and professional texts.

We are able to offer native-like translations in the following languages:  - German;
 - English;
 - French;
 - Italian;
 - Czech;
 - Russian.


We are glad to be able to offer our clients web development. This is an area close to our hearts as we stand for all that is new, modern and technological, and always try to be at the forefront of any development.

Modern technology is developing at breathtaking speed and is opening up previously unimagined opportunities for creativity in web development. A webpage can, for example, be the plainest page possible, only including contact information about your company and its activities, or it can contain an engaging visual presentation, distinguishing your page from thousands of similiar ones. And believe me: The visitors to your website will notice the difference. The design‘s harmony and appropriateness will be perceived on a subconscious level.

At the same time we don‘t consider our designs to be static: Design is the essential marketing tool, and the design defines how the visitors interact with the page.

When developing a design we always keep the next important steps in mind — the site layout takes account of the functions of the different browsers and devices with which the website can be accessed for example.

In collaboration with us your website will be exceptional. Let us build a truly beautiful and unique website together.

Website development

Having your own website is not a necessary evil but an essential component of a successful project. And the quality of the website is a key factor in determining the effectiveness of this tool.

This is why we offer each client a customized solution: precisely those services which respond best to his challenges, as well as the creation of a design and layout on the basis of the main points required for a particular project. This ensures that the client has an efficient web tool at the end. We don‘t simply follow procedure X — instead each client is unique, and each receives his own software options and his own visual solutions.

Based on the wishes of our clients we determine exactly those functions that are required for a certain page, which greatly increases its working speed.

In our work we try to free ourselves from boring stereotypes, which is why we work much deeper and more precisely on each website than others. We devote a lot of time and effort to understanding the background of the business for which the website is being developed, as well as how it ticks. Only after having understood its key aspects can we unlock the client“s achievement potential: design, layout, the page‘s programme code — together these elements form an effective tool.

After developing, testing and launching the website we don‘t abandon our clients. We continue to offer support and maintenance of the website and, if the client is willing to trust us that far, the complete execution of his business processes online (including for example advertising in search engines with SEO optimization, regular backup of databases, full service of online shops, monitoring orders and payments, keeping statistics, etc.).

Content Management

We are willing to offer our services to fill your pages with content, based on our many years of experience. In doing so we take the systematic requirements and recommendations of search engines into consideration. From our own experience our company has developed an effective strategy, which we gladly share with our clients.

We are aware that each page is unique and that different pages are executed on different software platforms, which is why we offer different types of collaboration:
1. Text generation — the agreed amount in the given time, and transfer to the client.
2. Text writing, selection and coordination of images, publication of content created by us.
3. Publication of existing content (e.g. design of an online shop with product articles). In this case the client allows us access to the page“s admin panel on editor level.

Our company is open to dialogue. If you have any questions or would like to discuss something specific, let us know.

Seo optimization

It‘s no secret that search engines give preference to the “right” texts and that means: If a page does not contain appropriate content, it will never appear on the first page of the search results. It‘s not enough to simply write a “good” text, instead you need one which takes search engines into consideration. These work with complex algorithms, which are continuously being modified and optimized, and each new generation makes new and different demands of a website. Therefore all these aspects need to be respected and considered, otherwise the page will “drop” in the search results, and continue to sink further.

This is no reason to despair, though, and you shouldn‘t waste time and energy on experiments yourself. Our company offers a high-quality and professional service for the search engine optimization of websites. At the same time we guarantee professional content in the generated texts, taking all relevant SEO requirements into account, and that your site will appear in the search results where you want it to be.

Each webpage is individual and needs a detailed analysis. If you would like us to help you SEO-optimize your project, contact us. Our specialists are ready to support you and your business.