Introduction is a German-language marketplace. For the search "Großhandel" (the German word for wholesale), this website is currently No. 1 in the list of search results.

The marketplace has many different sales-increasing add tools, which help you to increase your turnover. There are advertising banners, top offers, etc. is probably the most traditional German-speaking B2B marketplace. For 20+ years, the marketplace still remains more innovative, efficient, transparent and secure online shop. There are more than 30 000 members in 97 countries and near 280 000 available items.

So if you want to explore this market, Restposten Integration is a good choice.


Restposten Integration is a good solution to integrate your online shop with

We offer API-based Integration extension that creates a connection between your shop and the marketplace.

The established connection gives an opportunity to move easily the list of your products into Restposten. Integration helps you to upload bulk products quickly. It helps you to save time by using the data you already have in place and manage your selling data on the one location. Every change you' ve made in our online shop, automatically you can see on the other marketplaces.

API connection also provides quick shipment data update to Restposten. You do not need to worry about shipping the goods has been cancelled. Whether an order is cancelled, our system will immediately notice you.

You can receive a report about stock updates or error. You will be aware of every changes on your marketplace.

The integration allows sellers using PlentyMarket to put their product up for sale.

Our advantages

We have a unique product, that opens you many world marketplaces you even do not know before. It helps you to find new customers and take a first step to declare your company to the world.

API based extension provides automatic and stable connection between your shop and the other marketplaces. If you suddenly lose your internet connection, the work on other marketplaces will be guaranteedly continued.

Our product provides some crash protection and failure insurance. In case there are some troubles with your database, when you use our extension you do not need to worry about it - your data will be safe with us.

Stability and Automatization are the main features of our product. Everything is performed automatically, so it eliminates the possibility of human mistakes or misunderstanding.

Sometimes marketplaces request you to upload all the pictures you've got just to update few of them, using our system there is no longer such a problem.

And the last. We can provide the best technical support from API activation to the listing of the products. Our product can satisfy all your needs and give a guarantee of stable operation.

Import Product
Import products
Synchronizes product
Synchronizes product
Automates the selling
Automates the selling
Guarantee of stable operation
Updates Information
Status Notification
Product Listing
Inventory Update
Error Notification
Manage Orders
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